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Postgres Kompo

The Postgres Kompo manages databases inside your Postgres servers.

In order to use it, you need a running Postgres server and the information about how to connect to it using an account with privileges to manage databases and users. You then declare databases to be created on that server using this operator.

How it Works

The Postgres Kompo comes with PostgresInstance and PostgresClusterInstance CRDs which serve as connectors to your Postgres server.

The PostgresDatabase CRD defines a database to be created inside the instance referenced by .spec.instanceRef or .spec.clusterInstanceRef respectively.

The operator uses the information from the instance resource to connect to the server in order to create the requested database.


In case the state in the target (the Postgres server) diverges, Kompost tries to reconcile it. E.g. if a database gets deleted on the cluster, Kompost recreates it. However, Kompost does not backup and restore schemas and/or data.